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Ranebows by snowballchibikat Ranebows :iconsnowballchibikat:snowballchibikat 16 5 Love Like Woe by snowballchibikat Love Like Woe :iconsnowballchibikat:snowballchibikat 13 13 Cat and Mouse by snowballchibikat Cat and Mouse :iconsnowballchibikat:snowballchibikat 9 1
Inside My Mind
This thing inside of my head
is screaming out, like a small child,
afraid of the dark,
who just had all the lights turned out.
There is a tumor in my mind,
secreting the chemicals of fear.
(anger, too, but the fear is more prominent)
It pulsates with thought.
The darkness gets deeper.
The child screams louder.
She is deafening me!
All the sounds of the real world
(wherever that is)
are muffled
drowned out by the sound of heartbeats
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Survivor by snowballchibikat Survivor :iconsnowballchibikat:snowballchibikat 1 0 Let's Play A Game. by snowballchibikat Let's Play A Game. :iconsnowballchibikat:snowballchibikat 1 1
A Warning
Dear You, All of You, Anyone Who Has Ever Had, Has, or Will Ever Have a Boyfriend or Girlfriend,
This is for you. A warning. From me.
Things can happen. Things can go wrong. Relationships can hurt, and not just in the normal way.
This is for you. Read carefully. I don't want anyone else to ever feel the way I do right now.
Abuse can happen. It does happen. To anyone. You're not immune. I know, I thought I was, too. But the way I'm feeling right now is telling me otherwise.
It doesn't have to be physical or sexual. It hurts just as badly to toy with someone's emotions, manipulate their conscience and their fears. So I'm here to warn you. To let you know what happened to me. See, abuse has levels. In comparison to others, I got off lightly. But that doesn't make it okay or right, not by any means.
So, for starters. It can be hard to spot an abuser from the first meetings. Looking back, though, I can see I had signs. One story is blatantly obvious now.
My abuser and I had just started our
:iconsnowballchibikat:snowballchibikat 1 25
Irrefutable Proof
Once, there was a girl.
No, sorry. That's a lie. Once, there were two girls. But one of them was me.
They met at a camp. A church camp, irony of ironies. One was wild. She liked to drink, she liked to have fun. She loved her boyfriend, and she knew who she was. The other girl did not.
I felt lost, unlovable, ugly, alone. I was sheltered and longed for something more. She told me she was bisexual, and I didn't know what to think.
Camp ended and the girls went home. They lived close enough that there was the possibility of seeing each other, but far enough that it never quite happened.  They texted, short conversations every few months, as their own lives went on.
I dated boys. I kissed boys. I was used, manipulated, insulted, pressured by them. Every relationship had a major flaw. I came to respect myself, to find out and even like who I was. And I came to appreciate women.
The girls started talking again one day. Really talking, for a long time. And they kept talking, day aft
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a man of many words by whitedog1 a man of many words :iconwhitedog1:whitedog1 1,976 479
the conclusive guide to naming a character
How to name a character.
I’m a big believer in the sanctity of names, and as a writer I have always felt that you should put almost as much care into naming your characters as you would do with naming your children. The name should be good for the context of the story, and maybe even mean something later on. This principle should be used if you believe, like I do, that your name can sometimes define who you are.
I’m going to pull you through the same process that I use in naming my characters, there are other ways of course, but I felt that I could best explain my own.
1.   First off, it might be wise to think in depth about your character, and the factors of your story.
• the nationality
• the time period
• the genre of your book
• and the personality of your character
• what type of character: villain, hero, nerd, loser, jock, stoner, princess, cheerleader, brain, sorceress/sorcerer,
• are they a main character or a foil/background ch
:iconnever-been-kissed:never-been-kissed 47 17
_security_code_required_ by Erulisse2 _security_code_required_ :iconerulisse2:Erulisse2 32 25 Gloom - Obviously So by Loverofpiggies Gloom - Obviously So :iconloverofpiggies:Loverofpiggies 38 52 Pride and Hate by facade-of-life Pride and Hate :iconfacade-of-life:facade-of-life 3,115 2,325
Lost Cause
It was supposed to be a normal walk: escape the house for a while and get away from Dad’s yelling. I didn’t exactly feel like getting into a screaming match about me not being good enough again. I was sick of it all. Sometimes I just wanted to run away.
It was supposed to be normal. But thanks to my luck, nothing normal ever happened to me.
All he asked for was some extra change I might’ve had. I would have normally kept on walking, ignoring his question like I did with those sort of requests, but I didn’t. He actually looked hungry. I examined him. He was a young kid, maybe my age or younger, with matted, greasy black hair that hung a little past his shoulders and a thin, dirty face. From the look of it, he hadn‘t had a good meal in a long time. Piercings lined up his ears and snakebites rested beneath his cracked lips. A too-big black shirt and shredded jeans made his scrawny figure look even worse. His large brown eyes stared into my own.
:iconfluffitehferretninja:FluffiTehFerretNinja 2 7
Rock That Hawk by Modsoul123 Rock That Hawk :iconmodsoul123:Modsoul123 4 18 Punkified Energy by Modsoul123 Punkified Energy :iconmodsoul123:Modsoul123 2 34 Off to Hogwarts by FluffiTehFerretNinja Off to Hogwarts :iconfluffitehferretninja:FluffiTehFerretNinja 2 78
broken hearts don't beat
sometimes, it's morning. and i've forgotten to brush my hair again. or how to tie my shoes or what my name sounds like. and that i don't believe in anything anymore. and that's when i realize that i'm losing little pieces of myself to you.
and the tip of my tongue is stained with the taste of stale paint from the renovating you've done with my mind. and for the next four hundred and seventy three and a half hours i'll be staring at the ceiling. since i'm waiting for your flavor to fade. or maybe i'm just waiting for you to come back to me. since my fingertips are losing their feeling. and the strands of my hairs are splitting. i'm aging in reverse. or fast forward. and the next time you see me, i'll be older than i've ever been before. so press play. since i'm sick of being stuck on pause.
and some days, when i'm waiting for the earth to move again, i count every one of my eyelashes and measure the distance it would take for them to fall so i can calculate all the wishes i'm missing. a
:iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 622 306
You are 5 years old, and being led away from your mother, family, and home for the last time. You hold tightly to the nice lady's hand, even as you turn your head to get one last look at mommy.
Mommy is crying.
As the days pass all you can remember is mommy crying and that the nice lady didn't smell good. You've been told the reasons why you need a new home, but you don't understand them. Words like "abuse", "drugs", "sex", they don't mean anything to you.
You are not crying.
You are 9 years old, and the family that adopted you doesn't love you anymore. They act like they do, in public, but home is a much different story. Your parents think that every problem will be solved with the right amount of force, at least as far as you are concerned. If they aren't beating you, they are taking all that you own from your room and locking you in it, with nothing.
Last week they threw away everything from your past life, and considering how little they have given you, you don't have muc
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 98 194
JUST A MEAN GREEN MUTHA F... by real-faker JUST A MEAN GREEN MUTHA F... :iconreal-faker:real-faker 246 109 HEROES: The Tracking Device by Buuya HEROES: The Tracking Device :iconbuuya:Buuya 1,280 331



United States
FluffiTehFerretNinja on the left, me on the right. :iconimhappyplz:

Current Residence: Inside my head. It's a scary place.
Favourite genre of music: Just about anything. Lots of indie/eclectic and rock musical stuff, though.
Favourite style of art: A combination of Eastern and Western style.
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: iTouch
The crisis in Libya is unbearable.

And it's even more sickening how few people know about it.

PLEASE go here and read this:…

I can't stress enough how important this is.

This is history. This is revolution. This is the situation in Egypt magnified.

And the only place I have seen ANY sort of repeated unification or information about it is on Tumblr.

The world needs to be aware.
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