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Ranebows by snowballchibikat Ranebows :iconsnowballchibikat:snowballchibikat 16 5 Love Like Woe by snowballchibikat Love Like Woe :iconsnowballchibikat:snowballchibikat 13 13 Cat and Mouse by snowballchibikat Cat and Mouse :iconsnowballchibikat:snowballchibikat 8 1
Inside My Mind
This thing inside of my head
is screaming out, like a small child,
afraid of the dark,
who just had all the lights turned out.
There is a tumor in my mind,
secreting the chemicals of fear.
(anger, too, but the fear is more prominent)
It pulsates with thought.
The darkness gets deeper.
The child screams louder.
She is deafening me!
All the sounds of the real world
(wherever that is)
are muffled
drowned out by the sound of heartbeats
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Survivor by snowballchibikat Survivor :iconsnowballchibikat:snowballchibikat 1 0 Let's Play A Game. by snowballchibikat Let's Play A Game. :iconsnowballchibikat:snowballchibikat 1 1
A Warning
Dear You, All of You, Anyone Who Has Ever Had, Has, or Will Ever Have a Boyfriend or Girlfriend,
This is for you. A warning. From me.
Things can happen. Things can go wrong. Relationships can hurt, and not just in the normal way.
This is for you. Read carefully. I don't want anyone else to ever feel the way I do right now.
Abuse can happen. It does happen. To anyone. You're not immune. I know, I thought I was, too. But the way I'm feeling right now is telling me otherwise.
It doesn't have to be physical or sexual. It hurts just as badly to toy with someone's emotions, manipulate their conscience and their fears. So I'm here to warn you. To let you know what happened to me. See, abuse has levels. In comparison to others, I got off lightly. But that doesn't make it okay or right, not by any means.
So, for starters. It can be hard to spot an abuser from the first meetings. Looking back, though, I can see I had signs. One story is blatantly obvious now.
My abuser and I had just started our
:iconsnowballchibikat:snowballchibikat 1 25
Irrefutable Proof
Once, there was a girl.
No, sorry. That's a lie. Once, there were two girls. But one of them was me.
They met at a camp. A church camp, irony of ironies. One was wild. She liked to drink, she liked to have fun. She loved her boyfriend, and she knew who she was. The other girl did not.
I felt lost, unlovable, ugly, alone. I was sheltered and longed for something more. She told me she was bisexual, and I didn't know what to think.
Camp ended and the girls went home. They lived close enough that there was the possibility of seeing each other, but far enough that it never quite happened.  They texted, short conversations every few months, as their own lives went on.
I dated boys. I kissed boys. I was used, manipulated, insulted, pressured by them. Every relationship had a major flaw. I came to respect myself, to find out and even like who I was. And I came to appreciate women.
The girls started talking again one day. Really talking, for a long time. And they kept talking, day aft
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Merry Christmas '10 by snowballchibikat Merry Christmas '10 :iconsnowballchibikat:snowballchibikat 1 5 It's Logan, Bitchez. by snowballchibikat It's Logan, Bitchez. :iconsnowballchibikat:snowballchibikat 1 2 Winter Wonderland by snowballchibikat Winter Wonderland :iconsnowballchibikat:snowballchibikat 2 2 Chance's PostSecret 2 by snowballchibikat Chance's PostSecret 2 :iconsnowballchibikat:snowballchibikat 1 6 Kennedy's PostSecret by snowballchibikat Kennedy's PostSecret :iconsnowballchibikat:snowballchibikat 2 2 Miranda's PostSecret by snowballchibikat Miranda's PostSecret :iconsnowballchibikat:snowballchibikat 0 0 Chance's PostSecret by snowballchibikat Chance's PostSecret :iconsnowballchibikat:snowballchibikat 2 0 Mallory's PostSecret by snowballchibikat Mallory's PostSecret :iconsnowballchibikat:snowballchibikat 0 0

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Lit Passion -Issue One-
Lit Passion is a project made to give exposure to deviantArt writers, as well as to help others improve. A new issue will come out biweekly, always on Thursdays and each article will feature five authors as well as three of their written works. You will be able to read a short biography of these writers, as well as see what advice they have for fellow writers.
:bulletblack: davekelly1983
Dave. 26. Deeply English, with a taste for tea and good music. I'm a new writer, having only started creating poetry in November 2009; I think I've developed quickly, and I now love writing! I live in Wales, which is the most beautiful country: rolling, lush green hills and very friendly people; all of which is very inspiring!

“I'm still fairly new to all this, so my advice is simple and something I learned very quickly: Write outside of your comfort zone. Your style will develop with time, but it's through trying styles of poetry and
:iconmagic-fan:Magic-fan 15 17
Step One:
Get the right to marry so we can destroy the institution,
and continue the work of conservative Christian Republicans who demand the right to divorce, as well as the individuals such as Britney Spears who mock it.
Step Two:
Gain adoption rights to corrupt the youth
and make them all into happier people who understand that hatred is tearing this world apart. (Hopefully, they'll all be bisexual, so we get the best of both worlds.)
Step Three:
and paint it in rainbows. ^_^
:iconrhianai:RhiAnai 1,049 893
Imaginism's Cheshire Cat Contest
Hey everyone,
We are excited to present our NEWEST art contest, the Cheshire Cat Contest hosted by KEI ACEDERA! This contest is free to join!

(Note: This is her concept design for the movie, not the prize. The winner will receive a different original illustration)
PRIZE: AN ORIGINAL CHESHIRE CAT ILLUSTRATION by Kei Acedera (Character designer on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland!)
DIRECTIONS: Make YOUR OWN version of the Cheshire Cat and submit it to -->
DUE: Thursday Feb 18, 2010 - 2pm PST/5pm EST/22:00 GMT
Vote on your favorite entry!
VOTING STARTS: Thursday Feb 18, 2010 - 2pm PST/5pm EST/22:00 GMT
VOTING ENDS: Friday Feb 19, 2010 - 2pm PST/5pm EST/22:00 GMT
The winner will be chosen by Kei LIVE during her interview on! Good luck everyone!
'Love it' this news and for every 10 'Loves' we will post a FREE Kei Acedera iPhone app promo code!!  
:iconimaginism:imaginism 278 82
Build me a heart by TheAlleyRat Build me a heart :iconthealleyrat:TheAlleyRat 2,796 613 FH - Skeleton by Loverofpiggies FH - Skeleton :iconloverofpiggies:Loverofpiggies 18 39 Hanna Loves You by vert-is-ninja Hanna Loves You :iconvert-is-ninja:vert-is-ninja 2,672 498 Black Lace by SusanCoffey Black Lace :iconsusancoffey:SusanCoffey 4,689 403
Tears Are For the Weak
She held onto him tightly, trying to make it seem like she wasn't clinging to him for dear life. She wanted to say everything on her mind, she wanted to shout it all out. She almost wanted to cry-- no, she couldn't cry. She wouldn't allow herself to do that. Only the weak cried. Her mouth opened slightly, and she almost expected the words to flow out without her control.
"Cal," she whispered.
Cal...oh, god, Cal, I can't do this. I'm not ready. I'm scared. God, I'm so scared. Cal, baby, I need your help... I just can't do this. I'd be an awful parent. I'd end up screwing the kid's life up so badly. Cal, I'm so scared...
She fought back the urge to tear up, reminding herself that only weak people cried.
"Yes, dearest?" the soothing voice broke through her cloud of thoughts like a ray of sunlight.
"I, um, nothing..."
Then again, maybe being weak wouldn't be so bad.
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United States
FluffiTehFerretNinja on the left, me on the right. :iconimhappyplz:

Current Residence: Inside my head. It's a scary place.
Favourite genre of music: Just about anything. Lots of indie/eclectic and rock musical stuff, though.
Favourite style of art: A combination of Eastern and Western style.
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: iTouch
The crisis in Libya is unbearable.

And it's even more sickening how few people know about it.

PLEASE go here and read this:…

I can't stress enough how important this is.

This is history. This is revolution. This is the situation in Egypt magnified.

And the only place I have seen ANY sort of repeated unification or information about it is on Tumblr.

The world needs to be aware.
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